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Prepaid electricity meters, prepaid water meters, postpaid and SMART metering solutions are fast becoming a necessity in South Africa. We want to give you value and provide a solution that will meet all your needs and help you save.

It’s vital to keep a close eye on electrical and water usage in both commercial and residential properties, as unpaid accounts and lack of proper management can cripple your business.
A SMART prepaid / postpaid metering solution in your retail outlet, rental property, or sectional title scheme reduces your risk drastically. Property owners across the country view a prepaid meter as an investment and an asset. We collect funds and settle your utility bill directly for you from the safety of our fidelity account, ensuring no disconnections and reliable service delivery. Upfront payments from tenants mean better budget control and transparency for you, and improved cash flow.

Rest assured knowing that the collection of utility funds is controlled by our strict financial procedures according to the government regulation of public funds. And collections are stored safely in a Trust Account before being paid over on a regular basis to your nominated account, or directly to the municipality or Eskom.
We also offer a Mobile App that provides transparency and convenience at your fingertips, to all our clients. You can see information such as: 
 - Low Credit Warning SMS or email sent to client when  threshold is reached
 - Purchases displayed on graphs for easy comparison
 - Consumption graphs displayed (Smart meters only)
 - Log a ticket with the netVendor Help Desk when you are experiencing problems. 
 - In-App notifications when issue is logged with the    netVendor Help Desk
 - View your last 5 purchases on the app
 - Load multiple meters on your account
If you have any sales queries, please complete the contact form on our website and our dynamic team will be in touch with you ~

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13 Heritage House, 20 Old Main Road, Hillcrest, 3610.

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